Here are some quick and easy answers to the questions our partners frequently ask.

What are the areas of focus for Celanese Foundation gifts?

The Celanese Foundation focuses on initiatives to improve the fundamental living conditions of people, with a special focus on families and children. The Foundation’s focus areas are: hunger relief, shelter, fundamental education, health, and water.

What is funded through the Celanese Foundation?

Through partnerships in our communities, Celanese employees guide the Foundation’s decision-making process and are involved in all aspects of our community support. Organizations that are considered for have missions aligned with the Foundation’s focus areas of hunger relief, shelter, fundamental education, health, and water.

How are Foundation gift decisions made?

To ensure that our investments go to the charities our employees believe in and support through their own dollars and volunteer time, organizations and agencies most likely to be considered for funding are those who sponsored by a Celanese employee. In those locations where the Celanese Foundation is operational, local site committees review contribution requests annually beginning in May, prior to the start of the annual giving cycle in August. In some site locations, Celanese sponsors an Annual Giving Fair where employees can visit with invited agencies and organizations to learn about their mission. Where local Foundation site committees are in place, an employee survey is conducted to provide feedback on agencies and areas they want the Celanese Foundation to financially support in the future. Employee site committee reviews take into consideration: employee feedback and involvement with an organization, the organization’s budget, the organization’s mission and its alignment with the Foundation’s charter and focus areas, and the organization’s location.

What is not funded through the Celanese Foundation?

To best maintain our Foundation’s mission, we do not make gifts to:

  • Individuals
  • Political campaigns or legislative lobbying efforts
  • National debt reduction programs
  • Endowments
  • Publications
  • Organizations that do not meet nonprofit, tax-exempt status
  • Organizations that do align with our charter and focus areas

Celanese Guideline for Prohibiting Philanthropic Support to Organizations with Written Policies of Discrimination

Celanese Corporation prohibits philanthropic support - financial or in kind - to non-religious organizations that have a written policy of discrimination to include race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability, veterans status, or any other protected class or personal characteristic.

How do I know if my organization is eligible to receive a gift from Celanese?

If you would like to be considered for a gift, you can email celanesefoundation@celanese.com. The local site committee will review all new organizations once a year in May before the giving cycle begins. If your organization meets all the criteria, you will then be considered for a gift.

Must my organization have 501(c)(3) status to qualify to receive a donation?

Yes, all organizations must have active 501(c)(3) status to qualify for a gift.

When does the Celanese Foundation fund gifts to approved organizations?

Organizations receive funding in February of the calendar year after approval for funding has been made.

May I contact the Celanese Foundation directly to request funding?

Yes, you can email celanesefoundation@celanese.com to be considered for a gift.

What information does a Celanese employee need from my organization in order to be considered?

If your organization is sponsored by a Celanese employee, the employee will need to provide the organization’s contact information and employer identification number.

If my organization is awarded a gift, what are the reporting requirements?

Your organization will need to provide an impact report on how the gift was used. The Foundation uses this information to communicate back to employees on how their investment is positively contributing to the community.