What We Do

At Celanese, we believe in the power of collaboration and use the passion of our employees to guide the work of our nonprofit Celanese Foundation, which is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people around the world. Our investments go directly to the charities we believe in and support through our own dollars and volunteer time.

We focus on initiatives to improve the fundamental living conditions of people, with a special focus on families and children.

Initially established in Dallas, the Foundation is now operational at seven locations in North America. Long-term, the Foundation will become a global enterprise, expanding our ability to create sustainable improvements in communities far and wide. We partner with community organizations to tackle critical problems in five focus areas:




Primary education


Safe places to live & grow

The Foundation is run entirely by Celanese employees with oversight from the foundation board. Local site committees determine the selection of charities to support, guided by employee interests. Organizations that receive charitable gifts have missions aligned with the Foundation’s focus areas.

What We Don’t Fund

Because our mission is to create opportunities for at-risk families to learn, grow and thrive, with a focus on families, primary education and safe places to live and grow, the majority of Celanese Foundation gifts are provided to charities and community organizations that support those causes.

Employee involvement is critical to the success of the Celanese Foundation. To ensure that our investments go to the charities our employees believe in and support through their own dollars and volunteer time, organizations and agencies most likely to be considered for funding are those who sponsored by a Celanese employee. Please visit our Get Involved Now for specifics on how to be considered and partnership opportunities.

To best maintain our foundation mission, we do not make gifts to:

  • Individuals
  • Political campaigns or legislative lobbying efforts
  • National debt reduction programs
  • Endowments
  • Publications
  • Churches or houses or worship