Cause Cards

At Celanese, we’ve dedicated ourselves to contributing to the prosperity of the communities where we live and work. As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, Chairman and CEO Mark Rohr has challenged all of our employees to step out into their communities and make a difference. We want our employees to give back by donating their time and talents to benefit those in need.

Follow Your Heart - Volunteer for the Agency of Your Choice

Where and when our employees volunteer is entirely their choice. Celanese organizes volunteer opportunities, and employees can also identify agencies to volunteer that support causes that are close to their heart. They can take part in any of the Celanese Foundation activities the company supports – like the Celanese International Impact Program (CIIP), local days of caring or Global Impact Month.

Employees Raise for Every Volunteer Hour

For every hour an employee volunteers, the Celanese Foundation will provide them with a USD “Cause Card” to invest back into their local community. This digital gift card can be used to donate toward any qualifying 501(c)3 organizations. There is no limit to the number of hours an employee can volunteer – or to the number of dollar gifts the company will provide.

For additional questions about the Celanese Foundation, please email celanesefoundation@celanese.com.