Celanese International Impact Program

What is amazing to me is that the people here, from the board members to the volunteers, they are all very, very passionate about their jobs and what they are doing. Working with passionate people is amazing and I’m very excited about it.

Dong Zhang
IT Demand Site Relationship Manager, Shanghai,
2014 CIIP Participant on Stroke Foundation

Celanese launched the Celanese International Impact Program (CIIP) in 2013 as a way to provide Celanese employees the opportunity to help improve the world while developing their skills and continuing to grow as employees.

Many organizations in the developing world have limited resources to increase their capacity and operate more effectively. To fulfill this need, Celanese created the Celanese International Impact Program to utilize the best of what we have to offer – our people.

While improving the world and helping those in need are the primary goals of this program, we also believe this opportunity helps participants to develop key skills, like teambuilding, collaboration and cultural adaptability, that they will be able to apply in their jobs at Celanese. Participants are fully immersed in the local culture, where they learn about the unique challenges of a region.

The first-year effort sent a team of 10 Celanese employees on a four-week assignment to support an organization with a social mission in Brazil. Participants had the opportunity to improve the beneficiary organizations’ capabilities – such as working to streamline production or improving business strategies – which will boost their ability to provide critically needed services in their communities.

During 2014, 10 Celanese employees from across the globe spent a month on assignment in Poland, with three different non-profit groups, working on a variety of projects, dedicating their business skills to better the operations of these partners in need. Our teams helped these organizations achieve their targets, taught them new skills from the business world, and left the organizations with a deep satisfaction of the skills of our employees.