Global Impact Month

Celanese Global Impact Month has become a Celanese tradition to help the communities where we live and work. Leadership means giving back to our communities in ways that matter. Celanese Global Impact Month is one way we demonstrate that Celanese is not only a leader in industry, but also a responsible social corporate citizen.

Jon Mortimer
VP Global Manufacturing, Dallas

Launched in 2011, Global Impact Month encourages Celanese employees to work on projects to address a social problem or issue in their own communities in the month of September. The program empowers employees, it inspires passion and enthusiasm. And it’s working to improve the world in our communities around the world.

By encouraging simultaneous deployment of locally coordinated projects, the goal of Celanese Global Impact Month is to elevate the experiences of worthwhile local giving to a powerful, unified global scale across Celanese.

The 2013 effort of the Celanese Global Impact Month encouraged employees to work on service projects they identified within their own communities. Projects spanned a range of activities according to local need, from painting at a local school to food drives. Participation in 2013, the third year of the program, was double that of the first year’s campaign, with 29 of Celanese’s 35 sites taking part, totaling 86 projects with 2,200 employee volunteers.

During 2014, 3,588 employees at 29 31 Celanese sites worldwide spent 17,556 hours working with local organizations that needed our help painting, planting, learning, cooking and visiting.

In 2016, 2017 employees at 33 of 35 sites worldwide spent 23,788 hours giving back to their local communities.