Annual Employee Giving Campaign

Hope is so important to this endeavor, and it was encouraging to see hope in action. As an event planner for Celanese, setting up and preparing for the organizations, employees and guests – and then watching everyone interacting and sharing stories – made the event energetic and alive; real people helping real people. It was a pleasure seeing people who care about others, some directly impacted by the organization they now promote, offering hope to others in their pursuit of making the world a better place.

Liana Graham
Meeting and Events Planner, Dallas

The financial driver of the Celanese Foundation is the Annual Employee Giving Campaign, where employees are asked to make donations to the organizations and agencies they have selected as most worthwhile endeavors.

As an employee-led effort, our Foundation investments go directly to the charities we believe in and support through our own dollars and volunteer time.

The Foundation is funded through employee contributions that are matched dollar for dollar by Celanese Corporation, whose additional monetary contributions finance all administrative and operating costs and provide above-and-beyond investment in the communities where we live and work.

All of the money raised in the annual campaigns go directly to the charity – all of it; no handling fee, no middle men. Every dollar contributed by employees is matched dollar for dollar by Celanese.

Local committees are charged with seeking employee input through various methods. One way is by conducting an employee survey to provide feedback on agencies and areas they want the Celanese Foundation to financially support in the future.